What’s a good gift for a vegan?

We think every gift should be cruelty-free and ethical! 

Whether you are a vegan yourself, looking to buy entirely cruelty free for friends and family, or if you’re looking for a perfect present for the special vegan in your life, you are in the right place!

We have selected gifts everyone will not only be able to use (as opposed to stored away in the cupboard) but are also in the spirit of everything we stand for either in our approach to

natural organic beauty or sustainably made homewares.

We hope this will be a helpful source of inspiration for all your gift shopping in the coming year, whether you’re looking for a vegan Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s gift, or just a little something that says “I care about you (and about animals).”

For the Plastic-free beauty queen

Coconut Bliss Nourishing Gift Set | Leaf & Joy

This gift set gently nourishes both body and mind, it features our natural coconut body wash & bath foam and our natural coconut body lotion, presented in a natural cotton gift bag.

Our vegan shower gel and body lotion are cruelty free. Our shower gel is biodegradable, meaning it breaks down quickly to help protect aquatic life.

These tubes and tubes caps are made with sugar cane. Sugar cane is a 100% renewable resource and our tubes and tube caps are also fully recyclable.

Our Natural Coconut Gift Set is made in the U.K. so they don’t travel around the earth to get to your bathroom.

Gifts for the vegan sweetie lover

Vegan Christmas Treat Box

Sometimes it may be difficult to source vegan sweets, or if you’re looking for something unique for your vegan friends and you want something that is different, you can rely on us to have great tasting treats..

We like to provide sweets for all types of dietary requirements with a great selection on offer.

For all the amazing little explorers in the family

Find Your Own Way (Vegvisir) Sweatshirt | Age 1 – 11yrs

100% cotton kids sweatshirts printed with water-based ink.

Boho and Bowie are completely single-use plastic-free. They make it their absolute priority to help protect our beautiful planet!

Their processes include using non-toxic, water-based inks for all screen printing and natural dyes in their hand-dyed garments!

They also use home compostable packaging.

For the hard to please friend who loves a touch of luxury

Bergamot & Mint Hand Wash and Lotion Gift Set

A beautiful gift set of our immensely popular aromatherapy hand wash and lotions, in a bespoke, recycled cardboard box.

Moisturise and nourish oily or dull skin with the wonderful balancing effects of the uplifting blend of Bergamot & Mint essential oils.

Uniquely handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.
Made with ethically sourced ingredients.
All products are free from SLS, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances.

Each set contains a 200ml glass bottle of both the hand wash and lotion.

These will be loved by all.

For the sex, hummus and veggie roll lover in your life!

Bamboo & Organic Cotton T-Shirt – Sex Hummus and Veggie Roll

Our Vegan Bamboo t-Shirts are ethically made from 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton

Choice of 4 colours

Who doesn’t love Sex, Hummus and Veggie Rolls?……Like seriously?

They are literally our three favourite things.

Gifts for the vegan food connoisseur

Enduringly Popular Vinegar Gift Box

A special selection of Womersley Foods most popular fruit vinegars with three popular fruit vinegars:

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. This trio of best-sellers is a fantastic introduction to the fresh and enticing flavours that Womersley’s fruit vinegars deliver.

For your vegan office colleague, you miss when working from home

A reusable coffee cup.

These are the perfect gift for all the Super Eco friendly Vegans out there!

Gift your favourite Super Vegan (or yourself!)

Check out our huge selection of vegan personalised gifts

For the cherished new born baby

Baby Pram Blanket Available in many different colours and designs.

You will not find a softer blanket than these

Our Bamboo baby knitted blankets are made from 100% bamboo viscose,

This luxurious knitted blanket is softer than cotton and naturally breathable,

Helping to regulate your baby’s body temperature and keep them comfortable and cosy.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. This bamboo blanket will provide safety and comfort for your little one, day after day.

For the hard-working friend who just needs to ‘pause’ and relax

A Vegan ‘Pause’ Gift Set – Relaxing Spa

This gorgeous set is one of our many personalised Eco-friendly Gifts

Pause is a luxury vegan and organic bath gift set, designed to give a relaxing experience of self-calm.

Pampering the body and the mind at the same time.

It is the perfect natural, plastic-free treat for anyone.

For your little ‘Super vegans’

Vivi the Supervegan Book

Treat your children to the wonderful story of Vivi the Supervegan.

This is the lovely story of Vivi’s mission to be a fierce protector of animals! Her story reminds us that compassion is a true superpower and that we each have the capacity to be real-life heroes to the animals who desperately need us to care more. Vivi’s idealism and the charming illustrations reflect harmony between people and animals that we all dream about.

Every child will love this book whether vegan or not!

For the eco-friendly ‘Bubbles’ Lover

The Christmas Bubbly Box

Sophisticated sipping without the fuss…

Limited edition Christmas gift boxes, perfect for virtual Christmas get togethers, cute stocking fillers, secret santa gifts or a lockdown treat!

Includes 3 cans of 250ml Sipful Premium Organic Bubbly (11%abv) and Mr Filberts Sea Salt & herb nuts

All carefully wrapped in Sipful tissue and packaged in our recyclable gift boxes.

For the man who loves his beard

Eco Beard Care Gift Set – Rebellious Bristles

The perfect gift for the whiskered gent.

Combines our Rebellious Bristles Botanical Beard Balm (40g) and a beard comb crafted from natural pear wood.

The citrus scented balm, ideal for softening the beard and reducing breakage.

Natural oils, from Tea Tree and Bergamot, keep the beard fresh and prevent razor bumps and itchiness.

All are natural and cruelty-free

For the ‘Sleepy head’ that loves her luxury

Organic Bamboo Sleepwear Set

These super-soft, eco-friendly PJs are as breathable and temperature regulating as they come.

The classic cut has gotten a make-over, with a swish sleeve finish to up the bedtime-fashion ante.

Made from 100% organic bamboo which is as soft as silk. Sure to be Loved!

For the Animal loving fashion icon

Christmas Love Kit Crossbody Caramel & Beltbag Black

This is an amazing special price!

Our Christmas Love Kit Vegan Bags Offer is sure to bring a smile to all the fashion loving vegans.

It is made from Vegan Leather and its lining from 100% recycled plastic bottles

These bags are completely cruelty-free and will be loved for years to come.

There are different styles and bags to choose from.

For your friend who is trying to be more Zero waste

Handmade Zero Waste Bathroom Kit-Various Designs

Our bathroom kit is a great step towards reducing waste, and a lovely, thoughtful gift

Happy Earth Essentials are committed to helping you make simple sustainable swaps.

By reducing landfills and reducing the number of consumer goods being mass-produced in a way that is harmful to our precious planet.

Many starter sets to choose from.

Choosing vegan gifts this Christmas

Make sure they match your own principles and those of the recipient.

If you need more inspiration check out our blog for kind and thoughtful vegan gifts and our gifts category for more vegan gift ideas where you will find nearly 500 products to choose from.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy vegan Christmas!

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