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Here at MettaLife we have strong environmental values, this is at the forefront of all we do as a company bringing you only the best eco-friendly and sustainable brands. We partner with eco-friendly brands who work alongside suppliers who have the same mindset. Our partners have been carefully chosen, selling only ethically vegan products on MettaLife. Choosing to consume from ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly companies and brands is something we can all do to make a difference.

Looking at new Eco-conscious brands

We consider a few different factors; Whether brands are using recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials in their products and shipping and whether they are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Also, if they were investing in energy-saving and waste-reducing methods throughout the manufacturing process. With many of our small eco-friendly brands doing much more to work with Fair Trade organisations and environmental non-profit. Here are 4 of our favourite sustainable brands:

Loft and Daughter – Ethical Jewellery

Founder Katie began this wonderful sustainable brand after realising that for many years she was part of the massive problem. Always pushing for cheaper and faster, for the vast volumes that would eventually find their way to landfill. This took her on a journey across the world, in search of how she could play her part in leaving the planet a little better, not a little worse. Amongst the magic, artistry and chaos of India, a seedling of inspiration began…  Loft & Daughter was born out of the belief that beautiful things can give back too. Each collaboration and product offering has stemmed from the potential it has to impact positively on people and planet. Environmental and social kindness is not a mere point of difference or a fortunate outcome of these products, but rather, the heartbeat & the reason for their existence. With every piece of Loft and Daughters ethically made jewellery, you can ensure the following practices have been followed in the making process. Fair wages, safe working conditions and respectful treatment of artisans. Social and economic uplift; providing dignified livelihoods, increased standard of living and creating opportunities for disadvantaged producers, and thus their families and communities Empower women; helping the most vulnerable women in society to become self-sustainable through equal training and employment opportunities. Also personal bank accounts, access to healthcare and self-help groups.

Handmade Ethical and Fair-trade Jewellery

Minimal environmental footprint; the use of recycled, organic or green materials where possible, and gentle environmental processes Preserve traditional handicraft techniques, handcrafted slowly, in small batches & celebrating the workmanship of crafts that have been passed down through generation One thing Loft & Daughter will never claim to be, is perfect. What they have always promised; is to be transparent. Whilst they strive to make every product as socially and environmentally conscious as possible, there are still improvements to be made. Whilst the jewellery craftsmen are certified by the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation), guaranteeing the fairest & kindest standards of production, the materials are not. This is something they are working towards as the brand grows into one of our best eco-friendly and sustainable brands. But as of March 2020, all jewellery is now produced in ‘eco-silver’; recycled silver, sourced from wastage from the artisan’s workshops. When buying jewellery for yourself or a sustainable gift for a loved one, Loft and Daughter is truly a source of great joy, inspiring us all to purchase with purpose.

Banjara necklace with tassel - best eco-friendly and sustainable brands

Siyana London – Sustainable Fashion Brand

Megha Shah, founder of Siyana London has created this sustainable brand selling handcrafted fashion and accessories. Siyana meaning ‘protection’ in Arabic, is also a hamlet in the vibrant state of Rajasthan, India, Siyana is an ode to the ancestral village of Megha’s family. The handloom industry in India has been under serious threat due to the growth of power loom imitations, Siyana London has managed to nurture and encourage this traditional weaving technique. Megha has always had a passion for ethical fashion, fascinated with the idea of hand-woven textiles and the process behind it all. They practice fair trade, working hand-in-hand with local talent to create sustainable livelihoods. Every piece of craft at Siyana narrates a personal story of indigenous artistes from distinct parts of India. Every purchase made from the brand positively impacts the lives of these artisans.

Sustainable Handcrafted Stories

Skilled women artisans from Maheshwar – Madhya Pradesh contribute to Siyana eclectic scarves collection. Working closely with them under the Gudi Mudi project, these women work towards spinning and weaving locally grown organic cotton. Much of their yarn dyeing is organic too. The cloth they weave currently sells in more than fifteen countries around the world.

Their operations in Pondicherry are associated with Madhuri weavers, a collective that works closely with organic cotton farmers. Under the Paruti program (meaning cotton in Tamil), Upasana sustainable business collaborative striving to protect and promote the fragile cotton communities of Tamil Nadu.

Siyana’s association with a non-profit group in Chhindwara – a village in Madhya Pradesh strongly believes in the sustainability of the craft and its importance to future civilization. It helps facilitate the interactions between a buyer and producer that help both parties to attain their business and social goals while being a conscious citizen.

Little Flower Khadi Village leprosy rehabilitation centre is located on the border between India and Nepal in Raxaul, Bihar and provides men and women — who would otherwise find it difficult to find work because of their association with leprosy — with vital employment.

You can discover a large selection of sustainably handmade scarves and bags from Siyana London best eco-friendly and sustainable brands on MettaLife.

 Sustainable gifts for her mint scarf - MettaLife
Honeypie Minerals – Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-free Mineral Makeup

Honeypie minerals has grown into an award-winning artisanal colour cosmetic brand. Founded by Claudia in 2012 driven by the goal to help you feel naturally beautiful and confident. They create a range of high-performance eco-friendly mineral makeup products that contain only the finest vegan-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients. 100% cruelty-free and against animal testing, only supporting other brands and suppliers who have the same beliefs. Honeypie mineral makeup range is non-comedogenic. This means there are no ingredients that block the pores. With mineral powders, you can achieve excellent coverage and colour which is breathable. All their products are manufactured and packaged in the United Kingdom. Freshly mixed and blended in small batches within our premise in Essex.

Their jars and sifters are 100% recyclable and reusable plastic. They are working hard to find a more environmentally friendly jar alternative. They do offer zero-waste, plastic-free refills where you can reuse your existing sifter jar and refill with your favourite mineral powders. The refill pouches are completely biodegradable and compostable. All orders come packaged in eco-friendly packaging such as FSC-certified recyclable cardboard boxes, biodegradable paper tape and compostable pellets. The ethically sourced Mica does NOT come from any child labour whatsoever.  None of our mineral ingredients have been mined or manufactured using child labour making Honeypie minerals one of our best eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

You can find this natural eco friendly beauty brand on MettaLife.

Natural Loose Powder Blusher Clean Beauty - best eco-friendly and brands - MettaLife
Honeypie Minerals Blusher Vegan Cruelty Free Natural Powder Organic Makeup
Zo Tea – Sustainable Organic Tea

Zo Tea is a UK-based, independent company founded by Zoe. After many years suffering with digestive problems, eventually found relief through a variety of different tea blends. Inspired to develop her own brand of tea blends that promote general wellbeing, with the benefits to be kind to our bodies long term. These teas are expertly blended to showcase the natural beauty and benefits of the ingredients. Their aim is to promote organic tea rituals, with carefully designed blends to help support and encourage wellness. Sustainability and responsibility are very important to Zoe, all her packaging can be recycled. She only sources from farms practicing environmentally responsible farming methods, with good conditions and fair treatment. Every product in the range is 100% natural and certified organic. Containing only the very best ingredients selected from controlled organic cultivation, without any use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Every blend is sorted by hand, mixed and packaged in small fresh batches, offering the highest quality and unique enjoyment of ZO tea.

You can enjoy the Zo Tea range from MettaLife.

 Organic Balance Herbal Tea Blend - MettaLife
Rooibos & Rose. Organic Loose Leaf Tea

If you are looking for a sustainable eco-friendly gift, look no further.

MettaLife has so many ethically made products suitable for everyone and every occasion.