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You may be thinking…. what actually is eco-friendly bedding?

Simply, it is earth friendly, animal friendly, sleep friendly and the best eco-friendly bedding! There is nothing quite like getting into clean organic bedding, cuddle your pillow and indulge in the moment! If you want a peaceful night sleep, you will want to make sure all your bedding that you snuggle into has come from ethical and sustainable sources. When you buy eco-friendly and ethical bedding you know the people making it has been paid and treated fairly and the materials the bedding is made from are kind to your skin and kind to the planet.

Why choose organic bedding?

Organic bedding is a healthier option without harmful chemicals, it is most definitely healthier for the planet. It takes less water to produce organic cotton compared to conventional fabrics. Organic cotton is not treated with the toxic chemical pesticides or harsh chemical cleaners and fabric treatments that conventional bedding is exposed to. Nonorganic sheets are dyed with inks and dyes that can contain heavy metals. If you have sensitive skin, dyes and other chemicals may cause a skin rash or other reaction. These harmful chemicals also weaken the fabric resulting in a shorter life span, costing more to replace them and producing more waste. Organic cotton is more comfortable and breathable compared to synthetic fabrics.

By choosing organic sheets, you are reducing the output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (organic farming creates 60% less of those than conventional). You are also helping to protect the health of soil around the world. Healthy soil stores carbon dioxide, keeping it out of the atmosphere, and that stored carbon helps the soil retain moisture and nutrients. Fertile, carbon-rich soil helps more plants grow, and those plants, in turn, draw in more carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, continuing the beneficial cycle.

The positive impact of choosing organic sheets extends beyond the fiber they are from. Many farms rotate fiber plants with food crops, so by choosing organic sheets, you are helping to support and sustain the organic farming of vegetables and grains too. By simply changing your sheets, you are helping to change the world. Here is our favourite eco-friendly bedding on MettaLife – all organic, vegan and super comfy.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pillowcase

Luxurious organic bamboo fabric pillowcase. This dove grey pillowcase from Nightire’s signature 100% bamboo material – a luxurious fabric with similar properties to silk, plus sustainability and animal friendliness. It is the softest eco-friendly pillowcase you will ever lay your head on. Simply the best eco-friendly bedding you will buy. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating (which means it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter), sweat-wicking, smoother than cotton, and wrinkle-resistant. Here’s to zero ‘sleep creases’ and a night of fantastic beauty sleep, every night. Perfect for ethical gifting, packaging made from recycled materials.

Tumbling Leaves Print Duvet Cover Set.

Treat yourself to this beautiful organic cotton duvet cover set. All LittleLeaf duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases are 100% certified organic cotton in a premium 300 thread count. Organic cotton is softer and kinder on your skin and totally free from chemical residues. LittleLeaf bedding is not just luxurious and high quality, it also meets the highest environmental standards possible. Organic cotton uses a whopping 91% less water than conventional cotton, and all our bedding is made using solar power too. These organic cotton duvet covers are superbly stitched and finished. The opening is closed with natural buttons from coconut shell. Our Ethics and Certification – LittleLeaf duvet covers – 100% organic cotton grown and sewn without the use of any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. They are proud registered with GOTS and the UK Soil Association, which is the best available.

Cotton Duvet Cover Aqua Rouge

100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, Luxurious 300 thread count, percale weave. The Aqua Rouge bed linen range from Tajah Lane is available as duvet covers, pillowcases and European pillowcases. Designed with love in the UK, made ethically with fair pay in India.Reminiscent of lazy beach days, swimming in turquoise seas and eating watermelon on your sun lounger. This bright, breezy tropical design combines floral elements, chevrons and a vibrant coral geometric reverse. Achieve a sleek and sophisticated look by layering with quilts and cushions.

At Tajah Lane, they believe passionately in a regenerative future for people and the planet.  Ensuring they are having a positive, regenerative impact in everything they do.

Mattress Protector

These organic cotton mattress protectors from LittleLeaf organic are the natural way to protect your mattress and help prolong its life. 100% GOTS and Soil Association certified organic cotton. No toxic chemicals used in the growing or making of your eco-friendly mattress protector. Made from a soft but robust organic cotton twill, the LittleLeaf mattress protector has strong elasticated seams to hug your mattress. It is undyed and unbleached, in the gentle, ecru colour of natural cotton. Mattress protectors seem to be frequently coated with all sorts of nasty chemicals, including Teflon. Ours purely and simply provides a robust extra layer of protection between your mattress and your sheet.

Campervan Print Duvet Cover (Single)

Our campervan organic cotton duvet covers – come in a standard UK Single size: 135cm x 200cm. Currently in Single size only, aimed at children’s beds. 100% certified organic cotton in a premium 300 thread count.

They are softer and kinder on your skin and totally free from chemical residues.

LittleLeaf duvet covers have a sateen weave which gives them a beautifully smooth feel. This weave also makes them easy to iron (but of course you don’t have to!). Organic cotton is renowned for its greater durability, retaining its soft quality wash after wash, so it really is a good investment. We recommend a wash temperature of 30 or 40 degrees, they can be washed at higher temperatures if you need to, just like conventional non-organic cotton. Our Campervan organic duvet covers comes attractively packaged in its own organic cotton drawstring bag. These are from off-cuts and can obviously be re-used again and again.

Organic Cotton Pillowcases Emerald Sands ( sold as a pair)

Emerald Sands pillowcases are part of this beautiful Organic Cotton bright bed linen Range from Tajah Lane. A celebration of summer in New Zealand. Inspired by the shades of the sun, sea and natural surrounds of my coastal home town, Emerald Sands brings nature and seascape together with abstract palm leaf patterns and cones picked from the forest floor, sea greens, blues and a contrasting geometric sunny yellow reverse. You can’t help but smile when you sink into this super soft, organic bedding and unwind from the day. The Emerald Sands bed linen range is available as duvet covers, pillowcases and European pillowcases. 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, luxurious 300 thread count, percale weave.

In summary, you should choose products because they are eco-friendly and healthy. You should choose organic bedding because it is never treated with pesticides, reduces allergies, and helps you to sleep better at night. Investing in quality bedding feels incredible.

Getting the best sleep is the gift that keeps on giving.