Love & Love vegan handbags with what we like to think of as having a Brazilian soul. We are Leeds-based, Brazilian ex-pats Manuela and Juliana and in 2019 launched a vegan handbag company with a difference.

Holding strong beliefs about how Love & Love should represent both of our commitments to living an ethical, sustainable life. We did not want to be just another bag manufacturer and have worked very hard for the past few years to create a brand we are passionate about and which we hope will inspire others.

Our Love & Love products are aimed at those looking for style, sustainability, and empowerment when shopping for cruelty-free fashion. This is something we wanted to enjoy ourselves and struggled with a lack of choice. We realized that if we were looking for these types of goods that others must be too, hence working tirelessly to build the Love & Love brand.

A Product Range We are Proud Of

A lot of time, effort and research has gone into the design and manufacture of our much-loved vegan handbag range. We decided that our Love & Love bags should be manufactured from vegan leather (PU). We have also prioritised other eco-friendly materials such as ePet recycled polyester which is produced from recycled drinking bottles. Our dust bags are made from 100% hemp. As well as using recycled materials in our bags we have chosen to use non-toxic, water-based glues, alternatives to dyes and other materials containing animal products.

We design our bags with practicality and style in mind, strong ties with the small factory that produce them. We chose this manufacturing base for their track record in sustainable manufacturing and ethical practices. It is important to us that our bags start their journey somewhere that prioritises positive working conditions and with those who maintain an ethical supply chain.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to create products that reflect our core values. So that our customers many enjoy them as much for their design and feel as for their origins and the care that has gone into producing them. We are immensely proud of our Love & Love handbags.

The Ethics Behind Love & Love

We feel that when running a business, we have a moral and ethical obligation to run it a certain way. Did you know that only one in six products launched in the UK in 2018 carried a vegan label? While this was considered a great advancement for many, we felt that more could be done. We are delighted to see the plant-based market booming and a stronger global understanding of many environmental and ethical issues. More than this we are thrilled to see so many more people focus on living a kinder, more loved-filled life and in prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing.

We encompass all of this is the way we live, work, and run Love & Love. We do not compromise on our ethical stance and we don’t expect our customers to have to through lack of suitable fashion items.

More on The Style of Our Bags

Our bags are carefully designed, considering comfort, beauty, uplifting colours and, of course, a cruelty-free approach. When researching vegan bag styles, we found that many vegan bags already on the market simply mirrored the style of the leather products. We felt that we really wanted our customers to be able to enjoy original attractive designs that brought them joy. There is something special about finding a bag or an accessory that ticks all of the practicality boxes yet also makes you want to show it off or give a little dance when you see yourself in the mirror. We all deserve to have something special.

To concentrate on building a brand that our customers could be proud of while maintaining ethical supply chains, we decided to start relatively small. Therefore, we’ve released only a select number of vegan handbags to begin with. Our tote, crossbody and belt bag designs have been extremely popular and over time we do plan to expand our range to suit the needs of our growing audience.

Starting a Business Isn’t the Easiest of Mountains To Climb

One of the things that few people realise about setting up a new business is that you do not just sell or make a product. You need to be a graphic designer, a photographer, a web designer, a copywriter, marketing executive and more. You must find the right suppliers, calculate taxes, shipping costs and more.

When setting up you also must be very clear on what your mission statement is, what your goals are and your ethical stance; something very relevant for us. This level of clarity forms the basis of all the decisions you make so it took us a lot of time to nail down not just what was important for us, but what we wanted to offer our customers and how we would do it in a way that leaves the earth better off for future generations.

We realised earlier on that unless we were to magically grow extra sets of hands that we would need to outsource some of our day to day business tasks such as copywriting, bookkeeping and so on. This has allowed us to have space and creative freedom to continue to work on the core of our business.

Here at Love & Love

Love & Love was not created to simply offer a vegan alternative to a leather handbag. We offer ethical options when it comes to stylish accessories. We cater to those who are similarly annoyed by the amount of waste that comes with fast fashion and who are appalled by the conditions many workers must toil under. It is important for us to show others that you can run a successful business and still prioritise environmentally friendly practices and a sustainable business model.

Above all, we wanted to promote a keen connection with the earth, with other women and the world through our Love & Love vegan handbags that have been designed with love.

Love & Love bags are available to order from www.mettalife now.