blue skies, this time will pass

With the news this week that lockdown may be coming to an end in the next couple of months, it is time to care for yourself. I am sitting here with the sun shinning on my window for the first time since. Forever! It has been a long winter indoors for many of us. With salons closed for the most of that time, I am sure you will be asking….

When will the hair and beauty salons be reopening? In the meantime, let’s start to get ourselves ready. Now, listening to the birds singing and noticing the first pretty spring flowers blooming, I feel happy to know the cold temperatures will soon fade away. It is time to start getting yourself ready and prepared for being out and about again, no more a recluse in your PJs with your weekly essential bath on a Sunday evening. You have the next few weeks to get your mind and body ready for the spring. Start off with giving yourself a spa night in.

Set the mood with relaxing music and candles – I can recommend Serenity from Reve candles it is calming and soothing, this candle helps clear the mind, de-stresses and induces relaxation.

Treat your hair – Wash your hair and leave on the Conditioner for at least an hour, it may be a while since you visited the hairdresser so put some moisture back in your hair with No Ordinary Repair organic shampoo and conditioner it has Coconut Oil, Bergamot & Rosemary which will leave your hair nourished and stronger. Best of all it smells divine!

Head to Toe body polish – This will get rid of dry, dead skin build up, leaving you feeling smooth, soft and revived. Try Bumi Naturals Organic Body polish with Organic Hemp seed oil. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and D, this cold pressed hemp and avocado oil based body polish leaves your skin feeling fresh, nourished and silky smooth. A blend of coarse poppy seeds and fine pumice granules exfoliate the different layers of skin, whilst lavender essential oil delivers a feeling of relaxation and calm.

For the face – I would recommend Organic Orange & Vanilla Pod Exfoliating Gel A luxurious face polisher with a rich, fresh, natural aroma of organic orange & ground vanilla pod. Full of antioxidants & vitamin C to stimulate cell renewal & rejuvenate the skin, the exfoliating action buffs away dry dead skin cells, leaving skin looking velvety soft & smooth.

Now for a soak in the bath – you are all soft and smooth so run the bath and relax with CBD Bath Soak Salts Make time to care for yourself, enjoy a spa experience in your own bathroom with these CBD bath salts. Your skin will be left feeling fresh and rejuvenated with your mind and body relaxed. Fabulous for soothing aching muscles and to aid a good night’s sleep.

De-fuss – Yes.. It may have been a while since your legs saw daylight, but the time has come so de-fuss and feel smooth with our Eco-friendly Double Edge Safety Razorthey give an effortless shave preventing bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs. Perfect for the whole body and all hair types including curly and coarse. Engineered to cut at skin level using double edge razor blades ensuring the smoothest close shave.

Shower Gel isn’t just for washing your skin – Create a moment of calm and serenity with Leaf & Joy Relaxing Natural Lavender Gift Set. This gift set is sure to hush a hectic day. It features their natural lavender body wash & bath foam and natural lavender body lotion. Presented in a natural cotton gift bag. The lavender body wash will gently cleanse delicate skin with a rich and creamy foam. Derived from coconuts and is free from SLS and parabens.  Their lavender body moisturiser enriched with three, natural plant oils; coconut, olive and grape seed, to hydrate and soften skin, whilst chamomile extract naturally soothes skin. Leaf and Joy body care is created with natural oils and plant extracts, including skin-soothing chamomile, and our Lavender Dream blend of precious oils, including lavender and palmarosa essential oils, to gently relax your senses.

Treatment for Hands and Feet – This is simply the best Natural Overnight Treat for Hands & Feetfrom Natheo Skincare. This is a luxurious Overnight Treat for Hands & Feet designed to restore smoothness and moisture to hands, feet and any other areas of dry skin. It has a relaxing blend of essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang, that is perfect for applying at bedtime. Packed full of nutrient-rich plant oils and extracts, with Mango butter, Babassu, Safflower, Rice Bran and White Poppy seed oils. These oils have moisturising ability and anti-inflammatory properties.

Facial moisturiser – After those cold winter walks and days inside with the heating on our skin needs a special treat, here it is The Ultimate Vegan Beauty Balm– Neroli and Frankincense. Enriched with a multitude of skin-nourishing oils, this is an absolute must-have for smoother glowing skin. You will be feeling uplifted, smoother and softer after doing this just once, make it a weekly event with a daily skincare routine.

Now a few tips to improve your mind and inner body.

Drink a glass of water before each meal. Water helps to fill your stomach at mealtimes so that you will naturally eat smaller meals. It also helps to flush toxins from your body and will help banish your winter-time dry skin from the inside out.

Eat lots of fruit instead of snacks. Fruit is a quick, healthy snack that fill your stomach and provide a healthy dose of nutrients and fiber.

Eat berries for breakfast. Blueberries are the top-rated food for antioxidant content. Not only do berries make a tasty addition to a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, but frozen berries also make a satisfying snack or fruit smoothy. You can also find Hundreds of plant-based recipes at to keep your diet full of nutritious meals.

Walk or Run. Walking/running is the easiest exercise to do. You don’t need any equipment other than a pair of trainers. Not only does walking/running increase your fitness level, but it also reduces your stress. In spring it is especially beneficial since enjoying the spring weather tends to lighten your mood.

Get enough sleep. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything that we need to get done. Sleep is often the first thing that gets pushed aside for other tasks. You should make sleep a priority, getting at least seven hours each night will leave you feeling refreshed and energetic. You will be more likely to accomplish each day’s tasks if you are well rested.

Find time to meditate. Stress relief is just as important for overall health and fitness as the right foods and exercise. Life seems more complicated when our bodies are running at stress overload for a large part of the day. Taking five or ten minutes to meditate (relax the mind) can refocus your energy and drain stress from your body.

I hope this helps you and remember, no fad diets – they don’t work! Focus on your overall health and fitness.

‘’The most beautiful women wear confidence and smile’’

The truth is, you are gorgeous, it is time to care for yourself.

Lead each day with your heart, walk with your head high, heart open and move forward with a smile.

Take care of YOU