Haste makes waste, measure twice and cut once.

You may have already heard the hype surrounding Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens”. Trust me, it has not been overrated, it really is an exquisite book with an unparalleled number of talking points.

Today, I would like to discuss just one small point that I read over two years ago but has been sitting in my conscious since that moment.

The undeniable realisation that we have absolutely no idea how almost everything we use day to day is made. We buy it from the shops, we throw it just as easily and replace it even easier. Harari extends on this point by saying during early civilisations, if they needed a new pair of shoes they would know a person that made them, they would watch as they made the shoe from the materials and be able to appreciate the work and the craftsmanship that went into it. Not so easy to bin after that?

We have become so desensitised to the origin of the things we have the most reliance upon, that I believe one of many factors for our lack of connection in society is simply not feeling the worth of everything we should be so grateful for. The sacrifice on the Earth is hidden from us on daily basis and although, thank goodness, awareness is now spreading, it is sometimes beneficial to focus on one small aspect of it because with so much going on, it is completely overwhelming.

Even our UK political ordeal has an air of nostalgia for ‘the old days’. It shouldn’t be who we are sharing our society with, but more how. Connection lies in stories, nobody has jobs that other people understand, we call up a service centre instead of going to the person we heard knows how to fix the problem. Real people have been taken out of everything we buy and consume.

It opened my eyes to this matter further when I visited Marrakech, now, don’t get me wrong, it is still a hustle and bustle and not perfect by any means but it has a unique quality that sparked joy in me. Take yourself down to any of the little side roads and you will see, you will see, real people, making things from scratch, working with their hands. It is so much more fulfilling to actually speak to the person that has made that item with their knowledge and skills, this is something to appreciate! With appreciation, comes gratitude, and you got it, with gratitude comes a happier and kinder world.

This is why companies like MettaLife are changing the world for the better with sustainable, ethical products. It is not a consumer site but a society that is building community.

On MettaLife, there are real people using their own two hands to create vegan and ethical items that will last you. The person that you speak to is the person that makes it, the same person that can tell you where the vegan materials have come from, the same person who cares about giving you a product that does not harm you or the environment. The same person that is making these ethical products, often is not even doing it for a profit but just out of the love they have for connection and appreciation for what is real.

Take a leap of connection to things created from kindness and see what a difference it can make to your soul and to the Earth.

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