Founders of MettaLife - About Us

We hope you love MettaLife as much as we do!

MettaLife is an ethical vegan marketplace with over 100 UK Eco-friendly small businesses. You can choose from hundreds of sustainable products that are consciously sourced and manufactured. Delivered to you in a way that protects our next generation and planet’s future.

Each ethical brand that MettaLife selects and has partnered with, has been chosen because they share the same ethics with us. Working to bring you a unique kind and cruelty-free shopping experience online.

We aim to make buying responsibly a natural way of life. To make it normal to consume in a way that is easier on the environment.

We work with UK businesses who are already working hard to do good. These unique innovators and designers find better options for everyday problems. Brands who had a need for something and wanted to find the best possible way to create it.

Better for all of us and our planet.

MettaLife was founded by Sharon & Annie (mother & daughter).

We put our heads together to start something we were both so truly passionate about,

MettaLife was born.

Sharon, a qualified and experienced chef. Loves to cook and is passionate about using natural products in her food, on her skin and in her home. She is the centre of an ever-growing family. Always looking for new ways to bring happiness and wellness to the people she loves.

Annie, a qualified personal trainer and vegan, prides herself on creating nutritional meal plans. She incorporates that feel-good comfort food with what is going to be kind to our bodies and to the planet.

Sharon, also with her sales and marketing background and Annie, as a self-employed personal trainer. Combined their many strengths to embark on this already thriving business. With an aspiration that is close to the whole family’s hearts. A shared belief that every creature on this Earth deserves kindness. It is our equal responsibility to make this our mission.

We are thankful that vegan food and ethically conscious lifestyle products are becoming more readily available to the mainstream market. You might have found first hand that sourcing these sought-after items can be hard to find.

MettaLife is bringing together all the UK-based independent businesses through one store!

You now have access to businesses, big and small, that specialise in:-

Ethical & Vegan Gifts

Vegan food

Organic skin & hair care

Natural beauty

Ethical home & living

Healthy lifestyle products

All good for you and for the planet, to make vegan, eco-friendly and ethically conscious shopping a dream!

MettaLife is now here to make it possible to live by your ideals.