Vegan gifts & ethical living products.


A trustworthy ethical marketplace where you will discover vegan friendly gifts from ethical independent UK brands.

Offering conscious consumers an array of kind and cruelty-free products.

Growing vegan awareness, creating an easy to use platform for sustainable small businesses to thrive.
With so many amazing ethical UK brands launching, we wanted to bring them together in one place.

Helping consumers to discover products free from plastic and animal cruelty.


How did MettaLife begin its journey?

MettaLife was founded by Sharon & Annie (mother & daughter).

In January 2019 we wanted to start something new that we were both passionate about.

With our shared belief that every creature on this earth deserves kindness, we both enjoyed a plant-based diet. But found it increasingly difficult to find ethically conscious lifestyle products and vegan gifts that were both vegan-friendly and produced ethically.

We believe in making small steps towards an ethical and vegan lifestyle.

Producing a happier and healthier living environment.

The idea for MettaLife was born to help protect the environment and all who live on it.

Proving that shopping kind and cruelty-free does not mean you compromise on quality, choice or style.


Discovering vegan products.

Buy kind and thoughtful gifts.


MettaLife is grateful to have attracted some fabulous ethical brands to their marketplace.

A great deal of time, care and thought goes into making the right choice when inviting brands to join us. We consider our brand partners to be just that, partners, their input is crucial to the success of our ever-growing vegan-friendly platform and feel grateful to be sharing their ethical journey.


What is the meaning of the word ‘MettaLife’?

‘Metta’ is a Buddhist word meaning ‘Kindness to oneself and all beings’
This is the life we would like to promote at MettaLife


How has MettaLife grown?

The first couple of years have been spent building MettaLife to offer the best ethical products and vegan gifts for everyone. 

To what it is today, sharing our passion for a cruelty-free lifestyle with all of our customers, who receive the hundreds of kind, vegan-friendly products from our ethically conscious brand partners every day.

You will find more than 70 departments, offering vegan clothingChristmas gifts, Birthday giftsvegan food gifts, and recyclable wrapping paper, in fact, we are sure you will find the perfect cruelty-free gift for every occasion. is 100% ethically vegan-friendly and places cruelty-free and kindness at the top of its values.

Postage is free or included in every product. So, there are no additional charges at checkout. This makes it easy for the customer to know exactly how much they are spending.

All packaging is Eco-friendly and recycled/recyclable wherever possible.


What are the plans for MettaLife moving forward?

MettaLife will continue to research and source new ethical small businesses.

Bringing the very best products and gifts for vegans & ethically conscious individuals online.

Remember buying vegan gifts is not just for people that live a vegan lifestyle.

Buy thoughtful vegan-friendly gifts for everyone including all your non-vegan friends.

Wishing everyone a happy, kind and thoughtful shopping experience.


If you have any questions, please take a look at MettaLife F.A.Q

Founders of MettaLife - About Us