MettaLife is an online vegan gifts and ethical marketplace, connecting conscious consumers with kind, cruelty-free gifts and living products.

MettaLife’s business concept

A trustworthy online marketplace, where you can discover vegan and ethical independent UK brands.

Growing ethical vegan awareness, creating an innovative platform for sustainable small businesses to thrive.
With so many new UK eco-conscious brands launching, they wanted to bring them together in one place. Helping consumers to discover products free from plastic and animal cruelty, along with worker rights/conditions.

What is the meaning of the word ‘MettaLife’?

‘Metta’ is a Buddhist word meaning ‘Kindness to oneself and all beings’
This is the life we would like to promote at MettaLife.

 How did MettaLife begin its journey?

MettaLife was founded by Sharon & Annie (mother & daughter).
In January 2019 Sharon and Annie wanted to start something new that they were both truly passionate about.
Sharon, a qualified and experienced chef and loves cooking at home. Passionate about using natural, cruelty-free products in her food, on her skin and in her home.
She is the centre of an ever-growing family, always looking for new ways to bring happiness and wellness to the people she loves.
Annie, a qualified personal trainer and vegan, prides herself on creating nutritional meal plans. Finding new ways to incorporate that feel-good comfort food, alongside what is going to be kind to our bodies and to the planet.
Sharon, with her sales and marketing background and Annie, as a self-employed personal trainer, combined their many strengths to embark on this new business venture. With an aspiration that is close to the whole family’s hearts.
A shared belief that every creature on this earth deserves kindness, it was their equal responsibility to make this their mission.
Vegan food and ethically conscious lifestyle products are becoming more available to the mainstream market. Although, they had found first-hand that sourcing these sought-after items can be difficult.
The idea for MettaLife was born to help protect the environment and all who live on it, showing that shopping kind and cruelty-free does not mean you compromise on quality, choice or style. They believe in making small steps towards an ethical and vegan lifestyle, producing a happier and healthier living environment.

 What makes MettaLife better than other online ethical platforms?

When Sharon and Annie first envisioned MettaLife they took a detailed look at other marketplaces, not only to draw inspiration but also to consider what could be done better. In most cases, the content available hit one of the ethical standards they wanted, but rarely did they meet them all.
It was easy for example to buy a plastic-free product, but that did not mean it was produced ethically. Likewise, you could buy what appeared to be a vegan product but that did not mean it was sustainably made.
MettaLife is grateful to have attracted some fabulous brands to their marketplace. A great deal of time, care and thought goes into making sure they make the right choice when inviting these brands to join them. They consider their brand partners to be just that, partners, their input is critical to the success of this ever-growing vegan platform and feel grateful to be sharing their ethical journey.

 How has MettaLife grown?

The first couple of years have been spent building MettaLife to offer kind and cruelty-free shopping.

You will find more than 70 departments, offering vegan gifts for her, vegan hampers, vegan food gifts, and recyclable wrapping paper,  to name just a few.

Many ethical gifts such as their mens skincare gift set, vegan clothing and eco friendly gifts, along with vegan gift sets for every occasion. is 100% ethically vegan and places cruelty-free and kindness at the top of its values.

Postage is free or included in every product. So, there are no additional charges at checkout. This makes it easy for the customer to know exactly how much they are spending.
All packaging is Eco-friendly and recycled/recyclable wherever possible.

 What are the next plans for MettaLife moving forward?

MettaLife will continue to research and source new ethical and vegan small businesses, bringing a unique kind and cruelty-free shopping experience online.
Aiming to make buying responsibly a natural way of life. To make it normal to consume in a way that is kind to the environment, animals, workers, ourselves and our homes.

If you have any questions, please take a look at MettaLife F.A.Q

Wishing a happy, healthy and content life for all.

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