It may only be the 1st of September but lots of people are mentioning the ‘c’ word already. We can’t shy away from the fact that people will already be starting to purchase Christmas presents and thinking about this special day. These days, for many, the main focus on Christmas day is the presents around the tree and lots of people do all they can to make their gift wrapping outstanding. We want to encourage eco-friendly gift wrap so your presents will look wonderful but also be kind.

Why use recyclable wrapping paper?

Unfortunately, with thousands of miles of wrapping paper used and then thrown away every year, the devastating environmental impact of creating these beautiful looking presents is pushed aside. This year, instead of following suit and purchasing cheap wrapping paper why not get creative with the way you wrap your presents. MettaLife has put together a list of great alternatives to wrap your vegan gifts, along with recycled wrapping paper they are all environmentally friendly in one way or another.

Gift bags

So many homes have a stash of gift bags that they have been given by someone and are keeping to reuse for someone else’s present and Christmas should be no different. Our tip would be to use plain bags rather than Christmas themed bags so that they can be used for other occasions throughout the year too.

Reusable boxes

Boxes are such a beautiful way to wrap gifts and they can be reused again for numerous different things. As well as rewrapping things in them, you can also use them for storing jewellery or other delicate items you want to keep safe. Think about the person you are buying for and pick a gift box that you know works well with their personality and home interior.


This is slightly out of the box, but fabric wrapping is such a great idea and by using a scarf the recipient will get an additional present too. Keep an eye out for sales on large scarves throughout the year and then you can match the scarf to the recipient this Christmas. There is absolutely no waste with this gift wrap alternative.


Lots of people still buy newspapers throughout the year and even if you don’t personally then you will probably know someone who does. Reuse these old newspapers as gift wrap and put your own twist on it, why not use decorative stamps and non-toxic paint to add a Christmas theme? Or dress it up with twine and burlap ribbon.

Tea towels

Similar to scarves, why not wrap your gifts in tea towels? They are incredibly useful and you can get them in so many unique designs now. For this type of wrapping, you can even keep in line with the Christmas theme and wrap your presents in various tea towels with Christmas designs, you know that they will be used year after year in December.

Tote/shopping bags

Tote bags and cotton reusable shopping bags are a necessity in every household so, why not use them to wrap your family and friends vegan gifts? You can then ensure you will get use out of them for years after. You can purchase plain tote bags really easily online and you can also get some great patterned designs if you think the recipient would prefer something brighter.

Old maps

Realistically, not many people use maps anymore due to the choice of technology that we have, so why not make use of them? Maps make really beautiful wrapping paper and they work for the whole family. Even children will love looking at the maps before then open their gifts.

Reusable Fabric

Many people are unaware that you can now purchase fabric gift wrap that is specifically designed for gift wrapping. They are ideal for wrapping presents in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and you don’t even need sellotape for these presents. Simply fold the gift wrap around your present and knot to secure or use twine/ribbon for a different look.

Changing the way you wrap your vegan gifts.

If you would like to change the way you wrap your presents this Christmas then try using some of the methods we have mentioned above. If you’re looking for a similar alternative to standard wrapping paper then you can still get recyclable wrapping paper so, your presents will look the same as the others under the tree but you know that you have done your bit for the environment with the paper you have chosen.

Don’t just stop at your gift wrap, why not look for eco-friendly gifts this year too? You can purchase everything from vegan gift sets to clothes & bags online with MettaLife. There is something for everyone on our online store so don’t look anywhere else for your vegan gifts in the UK this year.

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