With the Autumn officially here and the nights drawing in, there is nothing better than a cosy evening at home with the aroma of your favourite vegan candle burning gently.

We all love candles, they create and change an atmosphere in a room and can affect your mood, depending on the essential oils used for the fragrance. They are ideal to give as vegan gifts all year round.

With our lives seemingly getting busier, it is important to create a calm space to relax and unwind. Candles play a big role in providing us with heavenly aromas to do just that. But choosing the right candles isn’t always easy with so many to choose from it can get confusing.

Not only do we want the most amazing aromatic scents filling our home, but we also need them to be natural, non-toxic and vegan.

Here on MettaLife we guarantee all this, let’s explain why these things are so important to us.

Why Eco-friendly vegan candles are better.

Vegan Candles - Daydreamer - MettaLife

Eco-friendly candles have no toxic chemicals, so they are natural with sustainable ingredients. Vegan candles contain no ingredients from animals.

If you buy cheaper candles made with paraffin based wax which may smell nice and have pretty colours, they can fill your air with poison gases and create black soot. They can contribute to the cause of ill health such as asthma, allergies and even some cancers.

They are also a false economy as they don’t last as long and the scents are never long lasting compared to natural candles.

Investing in a good quality vegan candle is much better for you, your family and the environment.


What is a vegan candle?

The most popular wax used in vegan candles is soy, coconut or a blend of natural vegetable waxes. These are usually cream/white in colour as they contain no artificial colours. They are fragranced with essential oil blends to create wonderful scents and provide aromatherapy benefits for every mood.

Lavender vintage candle - ettaLifeWhen choosing vegan candles you benefit from:-

  1. Research shows they are safer and non-toxic.
  2. Cleaner burning candles.
  3. Soy wax will last longer as it has a lower melting point.
  4. Knowing that No animals were harmed while your candle was made.




Where to buy the best vegan candles?

You will find here the best selection of candles to create your calm and relaxing space. All of these hand picked eco-friendly candles are clean, natural and safer for you and the air in your home.

Rebecca Tracey Candle Collection

They are made with only the best natural and pure ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or colours. Every candle is blended by hand using the finest non genetically modified soya wax. This comes from an organic soya milk plant in Europe to guarantee the best quality.

winter spice 3 wick candle - MettaLifeWe have an array of sizes in this collection including luxury 3-wick candles, travel size and a vegan candle gift set with 3 complimenting scents.

All are blended with 100% pure essential oils

Here are some of our favourites:-

01 – Lemon, Patchouli & Lemongrass Candle

This is the number 1 best seller from Rebecca Tracey. The most amazing natural candle to light when spending a day at home cleaning or working. With the wonderfully uplifting and stimulating aromas of both lemon and lemongrass. This is perfectly combined with the grounding effect and balancing of patchouli. Altogether giving you a fabulously fresh and cleansing throw of scent around your home.

04 – Frankincense, Lavender & Geranium

The perfect vegan candle to light on a Sunday afternoon or ‘duvet day’ with the deep undertones of grounding, calming Frankincense balancing with the stunning combination of Lavender and Geranium florally notes.

A beautiful fragrance to enjoy when having a cup of tea and catch-up with a close friend or loved one as this aroma brings peace and tranquility.

07 – Winter Spice Candle

This is THE comfort, snuggle and let’s get cosy candle!

A gorgeously fragranced vegan candle that is just a pot of festive cheer. You will fill your home with the aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, orange and pine. Perfect from the beginning of Autumn right through to spring time.

Christmas vegan candle gifts

Christmas scented vegan candles - MettaLifeThis vegan candle gift set is a trio of 60g candles in translucent aromatherapy jars with a black twist on lid. They are in a lovely gift box, perfect for vegan Christmas gifts – or for treating yourself!

Sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit with aromas of winter woodlands, mulled wine and cosy evenings in by a roaring log fire.

It contains one each of: –

Winter Spice

Three Kings

Eucalyptus & Pine

The Little Peace Company

little peace vegan gifts candles - the little peace company - MettaLife -All these aromatherapy vegan candles are handmade with organic natural ingredients. Designed and made in small batches in Derbyshire specifically to bring calm and a little peace to your life.

These are perfect for vegan gifts, coming in beautiful eco-friendly gift boxes, you can also add a special touch with a personalised message.

Vegan candle gift set 

These aromatherapy candle gift boxes are available in a gift box of 2 or 3 aromatic candles or singerly. You can choose different fragrances from 5 relaxing blends, created for you to enjoy a little self-care.

The best quality vegan soy candles are clean burning, natural and non-toxic.

vegan candle gift sets TLPC - MettaLifeEssential oil blends to choose from:-

  1. Calming– Lavender, Frankincense & Patchouli

A blend of calming lavender, the relaxation and peace promoted by Frankincense and the earthy aroma of patchouli which helps to leave you feeling relaxed and grounded,

  1. Pause– Lavender, Frankincense, Rose Geranium

This is a real favourite here at MettaLife when buying vegan gifts with its gorgeous organic rose petals.

A special blend containing rose geranium which helps to create an uplifting, nurturing atmosphere with its sweet floral scent. This balances perfectly with calming lavender and frankincense that gives us an overall feeling of wellness peace and relaxation.

  1. Cleanse– Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Marjoram

This is a beautiful blend including the airy aroma of eucalyptus that cleanses the air, peppermint that refreshes with a subtle menthol scent encouraging clarity and helps to clear congestion, along with lavender and marjoram for calm and relaxation.

  1. Sleepy– Lavender, Bergamot & Marjoram

Blending Bergamot, which is perfect for reducing anxiety and stress, calming lavender with the soothing, relaxing aroma of marjoram.

  1. Awaken– Lavender & Lemongrass

This is the one vegan candle you need when you have time to yourself. With fresh rejuvenating aromatic scents from lavender and uplifting feelings given from the lemongrass. Take this with you for a soak in the bath and feel reborn!

I hope these vegan candles have given you a little inspiration and you have many hours of enjoyment and benefit from the aromatherapy essential oils filling your home, helping to create calm and ease your mind and body.

Our vegan candle gift set is perfect this Christmas for any of your family and friends. Giving thoughtful vegan gifts wrapped in some of our recyclable Christmas wrapping paper is heart-warming.

Eco-friendly gift wrap - Reusable Christmas Cotton Gift Wrap - MettaLife

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