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Creating calm with vegan candles
Vegan Living

With the Autumn officially here and the nights drawing in, there is nothing better than a cosy evening at home with the aroma of your favourite vegan candle burning gently. We all love candles, they create and change an atmosphere in a room and can affect your mood, depending on the essential oils used for

the best eco-friendly and sustainable brands - MettaLife
Sustainable Brands Vegan Living

Looking at new Eco-friendly brands We consider a few different factors; Whether brands are using recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials in their products and packaging. If they are completely vegan and cruelty-free. We look at brands investing in energy-saving and waste-reducing methods throughout their manufacturing process. With many of our small eco-friendly brands doing much

ethical lifestyle changes for spring blog banner - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

Choosing to live a more ethical lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times when we are surrounded by ads offering improvements in every aspect of our lives. Whether you are thinking about how much plastic you use and the environmental impact it has, or what the wage of the person who made the outfit you are

the best ethical bedding - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

What is ethical bedding? Simply, ethical bedding is the best for content and healthy sleep. It is earth friendly, animal friendly and most of all sleep friendly. There is nothing quite like getting into clean organic bedding, cuddle your pillow and indulge in the moment! For that peaceful night sleep we all crave, choose bedding

muesli and matcha tea - vegan or plant based - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

Do you want to change to a plant-based diet  In this blog, I will help you understand the difference between a vegan diet and plant-based, the healthy way to approach both diets and tips to get you started towards your vegan living journey. Let us start with the most helpful advice for new vegans. Swap

Fashion Vegan Living

Love & Love vegan handbags with what we like to think of as having a Brazilian soul. We are Leeds-based, Brazilian ex-pats Manuela and Juliana and in 2019 launched a vegan handbag company with a difference. Holding strong beliefs about how Love & Love should represent both of our commitments to living an ethical, sustainable

vegan spiced pumpkin buns recipe - MettaLife - Halloween recipes
Vegan Living Vegan Recipe

Tip your dough out onto a light floured surface and roll it out to roughly 40 by 60cm rectangle. Spread your filling across the surface evenly. Fold the dough onto itself into 3 layers. Roll it out again to make a rectangle that is 50 by 70cm. Trim the edges to give you straight sides.

Creamy Vegan Pumpkin & Spinach Curry
Vegan Living Vegan Recipe

Vegan pumpkin curry Do you see all the gorgeous pumpkins in the farm shops and supermarkets, then wonder what can I cook with pumpkin? Well, if so, this one is for you! It’s a creamy, flavourful curry that is so simple to make but it tastes like it has taken you all day. My inspiration

Ethical Living Vegan Living

Would you like to buy ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts this year? But you are finding it a challenge to find the perfect eco-friendly gifts for the whole family. Then MettaLife is for you, we have taken the hard work out of searching high and low for the best ethical vegan living products and gifts.

Founders of MettaLife - About Us
Ethical Living Vegan Living

Is it possible to make a difference to our risk of developing breast cancer in the first place by the lifestyle and dietary choices we make?We read and hear so much about what to do, what to eat etc to prevent us from developing cancer. So where do we start?I personally do not believe there

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