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ethical lifestyle changes for spring blog banner - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

Choosing to live a more ethical lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times when we are surrounded by ads offering improvements in every aspect of our lives. Whether you are thinking about how much plastic you use and the environmental impact it has, or what the wage of the person who made the outfit you are

the best ethical bedding - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

What is ethical bedding? Simply, ethical bedding is the best for content and healthy sleep. It is earth friendly, animal friendly and most of all sleep friendly. There is nothing quite like getting into clean organic bedding, cuddle your pillow and indulge in the moment! For that peaceful night sleep we all crave, choose bedding

Mother and baby - top 8 Mother's Day Gifts blog - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Gifting

8 Vegan Mother’s Day Gifts for the Compassionate Mom Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this means it is time to find the special vegan Mother’s Day gifts. A compassionate gift for your mum, mother-in-law and all the wonderful mummy’s in your life. It has never been more important to show how much you care

Eco Friendly Gifts Shopping Blog Image
Ethical Living Vegan Gifting

ECO FRIENDLY GIFTS: A guide to shopping smartly all year round Staying sustainable during the whole year is not just about purchasing or making eco-friendly gifts. When it comes to giving sustainably for your family and friends at every birthday, anniversary or special celebration day, it is time to minimise your carbon footprint, considering the

reduce waste buy swapping to reusables
Ethical Living Zero Waste

Switching to reusable products is the first step to going zero-waste and lowering your environmental impact. According to the Environmental Protection Agency UK the first two of the three “R’s” of conservation Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the most effective ones. The best way to eliminate waste, of course, is to not create it in the

My vegan valentine - Vegan valentines day ideas - Lady and a pig - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Gifting

Show your loved ones you care this Valentine with vegan valentine’s day gifts. I believe love and kindness should be shared all year round. Sending a small note with loving words and special vegan gifts will lift someone’s mood and bring a smile to their face. Especially at this time of uncertainty. We all need

muesli and matcha tea - vegan or plant based - MettaLife
Ethical Living Vegan Living

Do you want to change to a plant-based diet  In this blog, I will help you understand the difference between a vegan diet and plant-based, the healthy way to approach both diets and tips to get you started towards your vegan living journey. Let us start with the most helpful advice for new vegans. Swap

Real Vs Artificial Christmas tree – The big debate - MettaLife
Ethical Living Zero Waste

‘Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree’ Real Vs Artificial Christmas tree It is the centerpiece of the biggest celebration of the year for many families: the Christmas tree, the focal point for parties and presents, decorated with your favourite ornaments and lights. It is the tradition of bringing a real tree home and the scent

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide - mettalife
Ethical Living Vegan Gifting

What’s a good gift for a vegan? We think every gift should be cruelty-free and ethical!  Whether you are a vegan yourself, looking to buy entirely cruelty free for friends and family, or if you’re looking for a perfect present for the special vegan in your life, you are in the right place! We have

How to create a calm and peaceful living space - MettaLife
Ethical Living

True peace comes from within, but a peaceful space around us is just as important. Creating such a space is not hard at all and requires little effort and money; just a bit of motivation. The benefit is a stress-free zone in which you can really relax from everyday pressures.   In this blog, I am going

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