Where to buy good vegan gifts?

This is a great question, asked many times.

If you are non-vegan and have vegan friends, you may struggle to find or even think of great vegan gifts to send when Christmas and Birthdays come round.

Being vegan yourself, searching for unique ethically made gifts can also be a challenge. Especially when buying for non-vegans, you may wish to send the perfect vegan present that a non-vegan will love.

There are many products that are ‘accidentally vegan’ so it is easier than many people think to find beautiful thoughtful gifts that will please everyone and bring happiness to the recipient.

We all send gifts to bring a little joy to someone’s life, let’s make sure every gift is a kind and thoughtful one.

Let’s start with Thoughtful cards. Sending a little message to show you care can really make a big difference to someone’s day.

Send a Big hug in a card or a special quote in a recyclable greeting card, there are so many to choose from.  Vegan valentine, wishing a speedy recovery or simply saying Thank you.

1. Men’s Vegan Clothing

Ecru vegan hoodie classic - MettaLife

The most difficult gifts to buy are for men who have everything or the man that wants nothing. But you still need to find that special something because they will not be happy if you didn’t send anything 😊

You cannot go wrong buying vegan clothes that you know are ethically and sustainably made, every piece of clothing on MettaLife tells a story.

One of our vegan clothing brands ‘The Living Tee’ is a great example of conscious clothing. They design & manufacture amazing clothes for men that are mindful of the environment, people and animals. Also, giving back to charities.

The best thing is their products will be loved as gifts and worn for many years, they include this vegan hoodie, t-shirts and sweatpants.

2. Vegan Letterbox Gifts

There is nothing better than receiving surprise gifts in the post. Sending thoughtful letterbox gifts to your friends will spread happiness and show how much you care.

There are many different vegan gifts to choose from, depending on the recipient and for what occasion you are sending the gift.

How about a snack box with a personalised note or send a message to slow down and take some time for yourself with our relaxation and pamper gift sets.

A vegan t-shirt or hoodie with a meaningful caption is a great letterbox gift, you can add a special message to any vegan gifts sent from MettaLife.

Rose Turkish Delight gift - mettalife

3. Turkish Delight Gift Boxes

Yes, Turkish delight is vegan, it is also gluten-free.

If you have never tried Turkish delight before, you are in for a real treat. If you have had it and didn’t like it, it wasn’t Truede Turkish delight. This vegan sweet treat is handmade with only natural ingredients. The most delicious gift you can send, it is healthier than other sugary sweets (we even have sugar free options)

Our selection of vegan Turkish delight ranges from fruity or nutty gift boxes to individual boxes to give small thank you gifts or teacher gifts.

4. Ethical Yoga Clothing

Our colourful, fun yoga and activewear is perfect for vegan Birthday or Christmas gifts for her. With a fabulous selection of ethical leggings in many colours and designs, match up with our yoga tops and t-shirts.

If you have a friend who loves her yoga or gym classes, you will be sure to find the ideal vegan clothing gifts to make her smile.

This ethical activewear range is stylish, comfy and ethically made, perfect for wearing every day.

5. The Teaspoon Club

Vegan Spice Gift Box

Conscious spices gift boxes have everything you need to cook a delicious vegan meal, they include recipe cards & just the right amount of ethically sourced herbs and spices for your dishes.

There is a selection of different gift boxes to choose from. All the spices are carefully weighed so there is no waste, just add the ingredients to produce some mouth watering vegan dishes.

Send to your vegan food lovers as a special surprise or anyone who loves to cook, whether they are vegan or not.

All the packaging is sustainable, recyclable or compostable, these spice boxes are a perfect example of thoughtful gifts.


6. Vegan Candles

We all love home fragrances to fill our homes with our favourite scents. When buying gifts or for your own home, be sure to look at the ingredients, some candles have added chemicals that will fill your home with harmful toxins. Many candles smell amazing in the shop and burn down with no scent, which is very disappointing and a waste of money.

vegan candles

All our vegan candles here on MettaLife are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils, they not only fill your home with a continuous fragrance, when inhaled they can help to stimulate your mood with psychological benefits.

A relaxing candle can aid in a night of more restful sleep, or maybe you like candles to reflect the seasons, this is my favourite. In the spring and summer, the scents of chamomile, lavender, cardamom or sweet orange oils are beautiful to calm and freshen your home. I love Autumn candles with essential oils such as cinnamon, ginger and clove bringing warm, spicy home scents.

Whichever you prefer, MettaLife has a great collection of vegan candles and candle gift sets to send, choosing the perfect scented candles for your friends is a personal and thoughtful gift that will bring a smile every time it is lit.

You will find a full description on each individual candle to help you decide.

7. Bamboo Nightwear

Sweet Clementine bamboo pyjamas - MettaLife

Luxury nightwear is always a treat, I remember as a child having new special PJs at Christmas time.

Many people will agree, it is an amazing feeling putting on new pyjamas after your night time shower or bath. Sustainably made nightwear brings you a luxury feel whether it is bamboo pyjamas or organic cotton nightwear.

Our bamboo nightwear comes in a variety of stylish designs with fun or plain prints and is gift wrapped.

Bamboo pyjamas are perfect vegan gifts that are sustainable and thoughtful. They are ideal for anyone as it isn’t a product you would think of as vegan, ours are completely cruelty-free and kind to the planet and people.

8. Organic Towels

Our ethically made luxury towels are beautiful given as wedding or new home gifts, or maybe you want to treat yourself to some organic towels.

You really get what you pay for here, outstanding quality combined with kind and thoughtful gifts. Produced with certified organic cotton, weaved using traditional methods on wooden shuttle looms and hand finished.

These organic cotton towels will last for many years, they are available in a selection of colours, sizes and designs.

Ethical Gold Necklace - Banjara

9. Vegan Jewellery

Giving jewellery as gifts on any occasion is special.

When you buy vegan jewellery from our collection, you can be sure it is thoughtful gifts that have been ethically made.

There are so many amazing pieces that all tell a story, choose from handmade recycled silver earrings or maybe from our acorn jewellery range.

Every piece is gift wrapped for special vegan Birthday or Christmas gifts for her.

10. Vegan Pamper Box

Send a vegan pamper box to a friend who is in the need of some self-care. These treats will leave you refreshed, recharged and glowing.

The products will be loved by your non-vegan and vegan friends, all ingredients are natural, kind and cruelty-free.

With so many to choose from, you will find the perfect vegan gifts to send to even the fuzziest person.

Packaging and gift wrapping is eco-friendly, don’t forget to put a personal message to add that special touch.

11. Large Baby Gift Box

large baby gift box - MettaLife

A luxury baby gift box with a collection of organic cotton baby gifts for a new baby or baby shower gifts.

Ethically made baby clothes and organic cotton baby blanket, choose from a selection of different prints and colours.

There is nothing kinder than giving beautiful organic cotton baby clothing for next to the delicate skin of a new baby.

This large baby gift box can also be given as a Birthday gift as sizes range from newborn to 24 months.

All wrapped in soft tissue in a presentation box ready for gifting.

12. Ethical Backpack

Our ethical backpack collection has something for everyone, they make the perfect vegan gifts for those friends that seem to have everything.

They are practical and ideal for men and women, sustainably made with ethically sourced materials.

A tree is planted for every Willow Earth backpack sold.

Organic cotton maternity top with tree design
13. Ethical Maternity Clothes

A new range on MettaLife, ethical maternity clothes for the expectant mother. A lovely gift for a friend who is newly pregnant or maybe you are treating yourself to some organic maternity clothes.

This white maternity top will be a favourite and worn many times on its own and layering, also in plain black. Choose from our gorgeous fun designs and patterns,

Vegan gifts for mum to be.

Large vegan snacks hamper - MettaLife - Earthlykind

14. Vegan Food Hamper

If you are looking for a vegan hamper you are in the right place. Sending a vegan food hamper as a box or letterbox gift is sure to please, choose from our selection of ready made hampers.

Putting together a vegan food hamper yourself can be more personal and you can choose products more suited to the recipient.

All our products are also eco-friendly so there is no plastic packaging on any of our single vegan food items. No need to read ingredients on labels as everything is vegan.

15. Luxury Jam

Our luxury jam gifts are a great vegan present for any foodie, made with fresh ingredients in small batches.

Perfect Christmas gifts for the family, purchase as single jars or in a gift box of 3.

Organic Relaxing Calm Gift Set - Mettalife16. Vegan Bath Products

If you really don’t know what to buy someone for a gift, go for bath products, it’s something we all use. Our complete range of vegan bath products are from natural ingredients so are kind on the skin.

With so many different options, choose from mens skincare gift set, hand wash & lotion set, beauty gift sets for her and our many more vegan bath products.

You can rest assured when you buy from MettaLife it is ethical and thoughtful gifts only.

organic ethical lingerie Pink lace negligee - MettaLife

17. Organic Lingerie

Luxurious ethical lingerie – Go on treat yourself, why wait for someone to buy you that gorgeous organic lingerie when you can buy it today 😊

How amazing does it feel to wear beautiful lingerie? In our collection, we have a range of sustainable underwear including organic cotton baby doll nightwear and our pink lace lingerie set.

If you are buying for a friend, I am sure you will find the perfect gift to make her feel special and feminine.

18. Gift Sets for Her

You can not go wrong with a gift set, with so many different options to choose from, including beauty products, home fragrance, aromatherapy oils, vegan sweets and treats, make-up & skincare.

Our vegan gift sets for her are carefully put together with natural, kind and cruelty-free products.

Vegan skincare for glowing skin, Yoga hamper for all your yogi friends, lavender gift box to relax and calm, cheerful vegan candles to uplift and rejuvenate.

Let’s face it… I think we have it covered

Buying vegan presents that are not just ethical but are also thoughtful gifts is very important to us here at MettaLife.

We want you and the recipient to be delighted with the gifts you choose. Making sure it is kind to us, animals and our environment make our vegan gifts kind and thoughtful.

Buy the same for vegans and non-vegans alike in the knowledge that you have shopped consciously.

Vertuebox gift box with ribbon - MettaLife

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