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8 Vegan Mother’s Day Gifts for the Compassionate Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this means it is time to find the special vegan Mother’s Day gifts.

A compassionate gift for your mum, mother-in-law and all the wonderful mummy’s in your life. It has never been more important to show how much you care for the special people in your life. We have spent most of the past year away from family and friends. Plan and send a perfect vegan gift to your loved ones this Mother’s Day. From plastic-free gifts that save our oceans, natural organic beauty gifts that are eco-friendly to T-shirts that make a bold statement, our Mother’s Day gift ideas are a great way to show your love and appreciation. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to stand up for animals, as much of factory farming is built on the exploitation of mothers and their babies. The dairy industry is especially cruel. On Mother’s Day, compassionate people have a unique opportunity to talk about the rights of all mothers to care for their young and live happy, healthy lives.

There are lots of ways to help end this cruelty and injustice: You can go vegan if you haven’t already, many of these vegan Mother’s Day gifts also help animals—and will make mum feel loved too!

1.Organic Cotton Adults Bee T-Shirt

Organic cotton bee T-shirt made by Tommy and Lottie. Tommy and Lottie are a unisex kids and adult vegan clothing and lifestyle brand, specialising in ethically and sustainably made clothing. With a passion to protect the environment only producing good quality, unisex, clothing from ethical and sustainably sourced fabrics.  Designs inspired by nature and wildlife screen printed using vegan-friendly, water-based inks or embroidered onto the fabric.

PETA certified GOTSorganic cotton t-shirt.

Posted in plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, reusable, recyclable packaging.

2.Hand, Body Wash and Lotion Gift Bag 50ml

A 50ml Hand & Body Lotion paired with a 50ml Exfoliating Hand & Body Wash from Natheo natural skincare. Made with luxurious natural, organic, plant-based ingredients. With a choice of four gorgeous essential oil blends.

Cedarwood, Lemon & Peppermint – An invigorating blend that is ideal for waking you up in the morning.  

Lemon & Lavender – A refreshing citrus blend that also includes May Chang, with natural antibacterial properties.

Sweet Orange & Ginger – A warming and comforting blend with organic Aloe vera.

Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium & Bergamot – An uplifting floral blend that is lovely for giving you an emotional boost.

3.Ethically Handmade Bishnoi Small Coin Bracelet | Silver

These very precious vegan Mother’s Day gifts from Loft and Daughter will be cherished for years to come. The Bishnoi Coin Bracelet is from our Ethical vegan jewellery range. Carefully crafted by a small team of marginalised artisans displaced from West Bengal. They have found sustainable livelihoods through their skill in making beautiful pieces like these. Each piece comes packaged in a soft organic pouch, which has been lovingly made by some of Jaipur’s most vulnerable women, who are bettering their lives through the income from the block printing, tassel making and stitching of these very pouches. Absolutely stunning piece of ethical jewellery.

 4.Large Vegan Snack Box | Personalise

The perfect plant-based, eco-friendly, sustainable gift for Mum. We have a selection of Vegan snack boxes in a range of sizes and prices. As a company, Earthly Kind want to help fight climate change and plastic pollution by making sustainable choice an easy one. Every product in these vegan snacks boxes come from brands that practice ethical and sustainable processes.  This is a vegan Mother’s Day gift guaranteed to please!

5.Luxury Aromatherapy Candle | Serenity

Lavender + Rosemary + Juniperberry

Calming and soothing, this candle helps clear the mind, de-stresses and induces relaxation. The Serenity candle is perfect for use in meditation. This coconut and soy wax luxury aromatherapy Candle will make a beautiful vegan Mother’s Day gift. Handmade using pure essential oils, no perfume or fragrance, this naturally helps lift and enhance your mood. Wicks are from unbleached cotton and interwoven with linen thread. Reve candles are made in small batches, blended and produced with care.

6.Natural linen, Cotton mix Tote | Stone grey leaves

A beautiful cotton tote shopper for everyday use. The bag is designed and handmade in the Cotswolds with an internal pocket and a fabric fob for keeping keys safe. Size: 34 x 34 x 4cm Fabric is produced and printed in the UK. Available in different colours.

7.Luxury Vegan Cocoa Spa Facial Gift Set

You can’t send your mum to a spa this Mother’s Day so send the spa to her! This all-natural, Vegan Skin Care Gift Set including 3 of our most popular products that deliver real results. Natural Organic Skincare Range offering Luxurious skincare products, combining Natural organic attributes of Cacao, Coffee Bean & Vanilla Pod with the added benefit of their uplifting, feel good aromas. Chocolate has a high mineral & antioxidant content, it feeds the skin deep down into the base layers to plump & firm its appearance. This transforms a dull tired complexion, giving it a radiant luminosity & Vanilla Pod apart from its exquisite aroma, also acts as a valuable humectant, helping prevent moisture loss by providing a skin protecting barrier.

Coffee provides natural caffeine used to its full advantage in these products to invigorate the body tissue & encourage lymph drainage making it an excellent ingredient for body contouring & helping combat cellulite. Our natural organic skincare is Suitable for Normal, Mature & Problematic Skin. Zuzka vegan skincare is a luxurious skincare range. This range is a special reduced price.

8.Blue Linen Scarf | Sustainable Gift

This scarf from Siyana makes a beautiful sustainable gift for her. Ethically handmade with love in India. Beautifully handcrafted linen scarf handwoven by the women of Kumaon region Uttarakhand a mountainous state of northern India. This minimalistic vegan scarf is a perfect thoughtful and meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Another beautiful blog full of kind and thoughtful vegan gifts, this is a great read.

Whatever you choose to send your Mother this Mother’s Day, be sure it is a kind Vegan Mother’s Day Gift.

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