5 Environmental Benefits of Veganism

Being vegan isn’t only about the food you eat. Every aspect of your life can be affected by your vegan views and there are lots of changes you can make to ensure you are doing all you can for the environment around you.

For example, vegan fashion is continuing to be more and more popular among people of all ages. Vegan fashion reflects a new generation of conscious thinkers that want to do more to help the environment during the production of fashion and beauty products.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. So, what are the environmental benefits of complete veganism, including clothing and beauty products?

1. Conserves water

Many people are unaware of how much water it takes to make clothing. It takes approximately 3000 litres of water to make one cotton shirt and more than half a trillion gallons of freshwater to complete the dyeing process of textiles each year.

Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t stop here. Many big, unethical, clothing brands have workshops in places like India, Bangladesh and China. In these places, dye wastewater is discharged into nearby rivers eventually spreading into the sea. Reports show a dramatic rise in diseases in these regions due to the use of highly toxic water. Things have got so bad in China that it has been declared that nearly one-third of the countries’ rivers are classified as “too polluted for any direct human contact”.

By simply choosing to purchase from smaller ethical vegan brands who don’t make their items in bulk or use conventional dying methods you will be helping make a difference in regards to water conservation.

2. Cuts greenhouse gas emissions

Total greenhouse gas emissions related to textiles production are more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping trips combined.

In regards to clothing items made from animal products such as leather or wool, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it takes to make these items is enormous. Animals like cows and sheep create extraordinary amounts of gas and it is said that animal agriculture is responsible for a large percentage of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

You can purchase vegan-friendly clothing that doesn’t have this effect on the environment. Also, consider investing in versatile items that will last instead of contributing to the ridiculous turn over of unethical clothes.

3. Saves animals

This is the point that most people are probably already aware of. Not only is raising and killing animals for their flesh and skin incredibly unethical but it also wastes countless resources and causes immense destruction. For example, the massive amounts of land involved in livestock production not to mention the energy required to operate factory farms, feedlots, slaughterhouses, and trucks that transport animals.

Purchasing vegan clothing allows animals to go back to what they were put on earth to do. They can help our planet more than people realise and using them solely for fashion purposes is incredibly selfish.

4. Less waste in landfills

Fast fashion is something that everyone is talking about at the moment. Unfortunately, the percentage of materials used to make clothing that is recycled after use is appalling. You wouldn’t believe how many tonnes of clothes are sent to landfills every year.

Huge concerns have been raised over clothing waste and disengagement on the part of certain retailers. By simply choosing to purchase an item that is either made from recycled products, is recyclable itself or that you can wear for many years will make such a difference in this regard. Stop purchasing clothes from huge unethical brands that you wear once and then throw away.

5. Use less fossil fuels

Many people are unaware that fossil fuels which are typically used for making plastics are also used throughout leather production. From growing the crops necessary to feed cattle, to tanning and finishing the skins, the amount of fossil fuels used to provide you with your leather bag or belt is ridiculous.

By simply choosing to purchase vegan clothing from a source that uses renewable energy to make their products you can avoid using unnecessary amounts of fossil fuels.

Start purchasing vegan products

Vegan fashion is all about innovation and there are many textile manufacturers rising to the challenge and creating a huge array of eco-friendly fabrics from organic matter. You can now buy handbags, shoes, wallets, and watches made out of things such as cork, grape skins, mushrooms, or pineapple leaves. Have a look into some vegan-friendly clothing today, we all know how easy it is to buy vegan food online but you can also buy vegan products online and do even more for the environment.

At MettaLife you will find a range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, along with household products and beauty products. For kind and thoughtful vegan gift ideas take a look at our blog. You can simply and quickly purchase incredible items from a vegan online store that you know haven’t drained our planet’s resources to be made. Treat yourself without feeling guilty when you shop at MettaLife.

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