Following our first blog in a series about what’s happening around the world with Veganism, we’re taking the chance to look a little closer to home in this article, focusing in on a UK based company……  ‘Nourished’.

Founded by Melissa Snover, (A survivor of the UK TV series ‘Dragons Den’) Nourished has developed a unique way to ensure an individual can get the right Nourishment, all from a tailored 3D printed stack. The Techies at Nourished combine premium ingredients with amazing patented innovation in the field of 3D printing to ensure that every stack is custom, and contained within a vegan gelling agent, only quality, whole source foods are used, sourced both from Europe and the USA.

Whilst the Technology would seem to be absolutely cutting edge, it’s backed up by over 100,000 Lab Hours. Nourished have in house Nutrition experts and are determined to change the way the world thinks about, and experiences nutrition.

Customers select their seven layers from a possible 28 vitamin and supplement options after completing a lifestyle questionnaire, and a month’s worth of the daily chews are then ‘printed’ to order and delivered to the door.

So, where did Melissa’s inspiration come from, Melissa explains “I used to carry around a plastic bag of vitamins with me everywhere I went. I was in airport security in Dusseldorf, and my plastic bag of vitamins spilled all over the floor, which is horrible”

The seed was planted

‘I’m on the floor, picking up these vitamins and I’m thinking ‘there’s got to be a better way to do this’.”

The Gummies are created in 7 layers, each printed by a 3D printer, another great benefit of this process is little or no waste, and of course the process lends itself to speed, In fact a whole months’ worth of Gummies for one user can be printed in 10 minutes!

It doesn’t stop there… Nourished also understand that as well as taking care of our bodies by getting the right vegan nutrition it is up to us to take care of our planet. They have made a conscious decision to make every Nourishment in the UK to keep their carbon footprint down and their packing is plastic-free making them a great eco-friendly company.

Fancy a tailor made supplement? That of course is also vegan, go and have a look at the amazing work and products Get nourished offer:

This is very good news for the vegan community, considering all the recent news with the topic of ensuring vegan diets contain the right vitamins and nutrients, to make sure we continue to enjoy the lifestyles and choices we make. For other vegan choices come and visit MettaLife, where we have great UK based brands carefully selected to bring you products including ethical homewares, cruelty free beauty, organic and natural baby products and so much more to make it easy for you to shop with kindness and consciousness. It’s great to have a holistic approach, we look forward to seeing you!

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